We often tell where to go and what to do while traveling to Italy with children. But on the eve of February 23, a selection of various active events for men will be relevant.
It happens that the strong half of hearing the "author's family trip", immediately refer to the category of women's and children's entertainment, expecting that you have to be bored, listen to the stories of guides and occupy yourself. Maybe it is somewhere, but it's not Italia Per Famiglie! Down with the stereotypes!
Family trip in Tuscany Suitable for men with a variety of preferences:
  • He's a wine drinker

Tasting of the best wines is a must. All men like to feel like specialists in any field, and to distinguish tastes, aromas and wine notes is subject only to professionals. Tasting in best wineries, recommendations of experienced sommeliers, knowledge of different methods of wine production - a real mini-course for connoisseurs and gourmets. All this is taught during tours Italia Per Famiglie. Дополнительный бонус - дегустировать вино всегда приятно и интересно. An additional bonus - wine tasting is always nice and interesting. For those who are interested in the topic and do not mind flashing knowledge in this field - our blog has material about the 10 best Tuscan wines.
  • Он любит скорость и адреналин

The unique option of the tour to Tuscany - ride in Formula One cars at the Mugello Circui (Autodromo del Mugello)! It often hosts national and international championships: Gran Turismo, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Carrera Cup and MotoGP. Also here is the Ferrari team training. Is there a thirst for speed? This is your chance!

  • He's an irredeemable romantic
    Vespa scooter is an icon of Italy, which in its own way tells the history of this country, starting from the post-war period to the present day. We will be happy to help you rent a scooter and arrange a trip along the hills with vineyards, cypress alleys of Chianti and be inspired by the unique atmosphere of Tuscany. In addition to the scooter, you can rent a retro car.
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    • He's a hunter

    White truffle hunting is a popular sport on the Italia Per Famiglie tours. The white truffle hunting season begins in late September and ends in late December. But in addition to white, there are a lot of other varieties that can be searched all year round.
    Truffle Season Calendar
    • White truffle: from the last Sunday of September to 31 December
    • Precious black truffle: from 1 December to 15 March
    • Muscat truffle: from 1 December to 15 March
    • Black summer truffle: from the last Sunday in May to 31 August
    • Untchinato truffle: from 1 October to 31 January
    • Winter black truffle: from 1 January to 15 March
    • Biancketto Truffle: from 15 January to 15 April
    • Smooth black truffle: from 1 October to 31 December
    • Ordinary black truffle: from 1 November to 15 March
    We don't want mushrooms, we're men!

    No problem: in private hunting grounds it is possible to hunt boar and game. The season lasts about 5 months from September 20 to the end of January, until March - on migratory birds.

    Not right? Not an animal hunter, but a shot-at-bat kind of guy? We will arrange for you to fire pneumatic weapons in a large private estate.
    • He's an athlete

    Eroica (L'Eroica) - is an annual cycling race held in Tuscany that is gaining popularity every year. The first race was held in 1997. It is noteworthy that bikes made not later than 1987 are allowed to Eroica, in this feature of the competition: an incredibly beautiful landscape, a mature style of all components, ranging from the shape of the participants (necessarily retro style) to bikes. We will help you to rent bicycles and organize a walk on the roads where these famous cycling takes place.

    Another option for those who love sports and animals - horseback riding.
    Summer holidays in Tuscany with Italia Per Famiglie
    Sports, hunting, wine, masterpieces of Italian cuisine and other options for men are available on Italia Per Famiglie tours. We will make your family holiday unforgettable. Join us!
    • He's a gourmand
    It's no secret that many men like not only to eat, but also to cook and do it better than women. For cooks, the Italia Per Famiglie Tour offers an unusual culinary class: homemade pasta, pizza, ravioli, snacks and desserts - delicious dishes with their own hands from the freshest foods.
    We think your man will appreciate one of the suggested options. Italia Per Famiglie is not just a story for mothers and children. And whatever the man was doing, Tuscany - a beautiful region to have fun with the whole family!
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