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Traveling to Tuscany.

Amazing landscapes with slender cypress trees, luxurious mansions, wine estates and delicious local cuisine make this Italian region one of the most attractive.

We know how difficult it could be to find time for each other in everyday life, to enjoy the aroma of wine, the taste of food in a restaurant, the colors of the sunset without haste.

The mission of Italia Per Famiglie is to give parents the opportunity to fully relax, not to worry about anithing, forget about the rush and discover new Italy.
Tuscany for kids it's lots of agricultural farms with animals. It's an opportunity to take long walks through fields and meadows, it is playing hide and seek in the vineyards and acquaintance with local craftsmen.

There're fields with flowers and pastures, Tuscan castles full of secrets and mysteries.

A trip to Tuscany with children is a breath of fresh air and freedom, a journey to youself, return to carelessness and simplicity, to something "real" and "sincere".
Trip in Tuscany with kids is a great idea, especially organized by Italia Per Famiglie, a company that has organized more than 30 family trips in more than 5 different regions of Italy.

We understand the wishes of adults and children and we develop tours to Italy in such a way that both parties will be completely delighted.

You can order a tour to Tuscany and find out the cost of the trip by filling out the form below.
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"This is a fairytale!" - you'll tell.

"Yes, it is" - we'll answer.

The villa is located in the heart of Tuscany, about 40 km from the sea and close to the most important cities:

Volterra 9 km,
San Gimignano 29 km,
Siena 53 km,
Pisa 66 km,
Florence 74 km.
The villa has a hotel layout, each bedroom has a bathroom.

To participate in the trip,
you need to have a medical document with a negative test result for COVID-19 (PCR or Antigen), conducted no earlier than 48 hours before entry.
Tour organization.
Work of guides.
Animator or assistant for kids.
All excursions included in the tour description.
Tickets to museums.
Cooking classes, tastings.
Photo shooting during the tour.
We offer unique family tours with the best price/quality ratio. See it yourself!
€ 3600

Tour cost including accommodation in one room for
1 adult and 1 child.
EURO 3600
€ 4100

The cost of the tour with accommodation in one room for 1 adult and 2 children.
EURO 4100

The cost of the tour with accommodation in one room for 2 adults and a child under 6 years old.
EURO 4100
€ 4500

The cost of the tour with accommodation in two rooms for 2 adults and a child.
EURO 4500

The cost of the tour with accommodation in two rooms for 2 adults and 2 children, one is up to 6 years old.
EURO 4500
€ 5300

Tour cost including accommodation in two rooms
for 2 adults and 2-3 children.
EURO 5300
About our villa
Among the unique Tuscan hills that surround the city of Volterra on the ancient oil and wine route that continues to San Gimignano stands the old Leaning Watchtower of Pisa which is now a light and airy four-story villa.

In order not to compromise the uniqueness of the house, the villa has been restored with particular attention to the use of typical materials of the area: chestnut ceilings with terracotta tiles, travertine floors, beautiful semi-vaulted terracotta ceilings in the living room. Large and elegant rooms, cozy and spacious bedrooms with bathrooms, bright and well-equipped professional kitchen, large living room and a beautiful garden with a heated infinity pool make the Tuscan Villa Italia Per Famiglie the perfect place for family gatherings or groups of friends. looking for a relaxing holiday.

Golden wheat fields strewn with red poppies, unique and unforgettable sunsets - a picture that can be admired from the panoramic terrace of the villa, while tasting good Tuscan red wine. Large lawns and hedges, surrounded by vast expanses of wheat fields and olive groves, Tuscan grasses and shady park areas with comfortable sofas and armchairs, a rectangular pool with panoramic views and a large solarium - what more could you dream of?
28/03/2024 - 02/04/2024
18:00 Meeting guests. Accommodation
19:00 Acquaintance
20:00 Dinner in a traditional restaurant
CIAO! Привет!
Не пропусти лучшее семейное путешествие!
8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Visit to the city of Siena with guide for adults and children
12.30 Lunch
16:00 Theater-cinema school lesson 1 for children
16.30 Visiting cheese production and wine tasting for adults
19:30 Dinner
Igor Mamlenkov is a Russian clown, actor and director living and working in Switzerland. Igor's two short films got special prizes at various film festivals.
Igor Mamlenkov, Russia, director and performer. Born in Russia in 1988, where he was engaged in break dance and drama theater. He attended high school in Denmark and then moved to Barcelona, where he studied the art of clowning and acting with masters such as Django Edwards and Johnny Melville.

In 2017, while studying at the Theater Academy in Switzerland, he founded the theater company "Brownie" and realized his first creative solo, the image of a clown - a brownie. Theater of movement, fantasy, visual art, theater of objects, but the main place in Igor's work is given to clownery. Our theater teacher is an artist who is in constant search of his own means of expression and his own individual language.
The theme of the tour in Tuscany is a large children's project - a theater and cinema school, and the culmination of the trip will be an evening during which children will present their parents a theater performance or film work.

Igor has directed several experimental films as a director and actor. His short film made it to the Moscow International Film Festival and received a special jury prize at the Cerano Film Festival, IT. Since 2012, Igor Mamlenkov has played in the Soñeneros comedy duet show at theater festivals in Spain and Portugal. In 2015, he created his personal exhibition SPOILER. He completed his master's program at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in 2019.

Igor's list of works includes summer projects, European tours, show programs, clown duets, national competitions, creation and writing of plays, work in films. He played as an additional Green Clown in the Snow Glory Show at the Théâtre Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland.
At the moment, Igor is working on the creation of another clown show WHO IS THERE? for the whole family.

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8:30 Breakfast
10:30 Cooking class with tasting
13:30 Lunch
16:00 Visiting olive oil production
17.30 Theater-cinema school lesson 2 at the villa for children
20:00 Dinner
"Let's imagine that you're 3 or 5 or 9 years old. You're traveling in Italy, more precisely, in Tuscany. There are many friends with you. All the children run around in a real castle, in which the children of the family played hide and seek many years ago Pucci, battles were fought and the heads of the Catholic Church were hiding. Of course at 5 years old it doesn't matter to you, but you like making pizza, getting your hands dirty in tomato sauce, breaking juicy mozzarella, you like a beautiful white apron and cookies, which are here , next to you, your mother did. You are pleased to sit at a beautiful table and the fact that a pretty girl Chiara brings everything that your heart desires. You like colorful balloons that seem even brighter in the rays of the warm sun.

I would rate it at three, and I appreciate it now, almost thirty-three. Emotions and impressions have no age, they teach us, give us new experience. I sincerely wish every child and adult to take away the baggage of good mood from travel with Italia Per Famiglie."

Kseniya Forte
Tours creator
8:30 Breakfast
10:30 Visit to the city of San Gimignano with a guide for adults and children
13:30 Lunch
16.00 Theater-cinema school lesson 3 at the villa for children
16:00 Wine production and tasting for adults
20:00 Dinner
8:30 Breakfast
10:30 Meeting with a folklore group that will teach children and adults how to handle flags and drums, as it happens during the traditional Palio di Siena
13:00 Lunch at a traditional restaurant
15:00 Free time in Montepulciano for those who wish
17:00 Theater-cinema school lesson 4 at the villa for children
19:00 Final dinner (additional charge). Children's performance Italia Per Famiglie
8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Checking out
Palio and flags
"The art of waving the flag" can be translated a skill that sbandieratori has been skillfully practicing since the end of the fourteenth century. Previously, waving flags served to communicate with departments by launching and waving banners indicating the best moment for troops to attack.

The work with the flag was allowed to the best soldiers, who had to defend their insignia until their death. They had to be loyal, careful and resourceful, just like our little guests on the Italia Per Famiglie tours.
Cities and locations we're going to visit
  • Chianti hills
    The picturesque Chianti hills, covered with vineyards and olive groves, dense forests and medieval fortified towns.
  • Siena
    Siena is the city of Palio, one of the most famous historical equestrian competitions in the world.
  • Montepulciano
    Montepulciano is a city among picturesque valleys, where wine cellars coexist with the burials of the Etruscan nobility and thermal springs.
  • San Gimignano
    San Gimignano - "A masterpiece of the creative genius of man, a unique testimony to the civilization of the past and an outstanding example of architectural and landscape ensembles, evidence of significant stages in the history of mankind."
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