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Tours spring/summer 2022

We are waiting for you for the Easter vacations in Tuscany and Venice!
Summer will be active and fun at Lake Garda and in Tuscany!
And, of course, don't miss our must-have - skate-surf camp in Sardinia!
Река во Флоренции фото
Art Tour
Galleries, museums, architecture and frescoes.
The city through the eyes of artists and stylists.
A lesson in fresco painting, sculpture and lithography for adults and kids.
Meetings with architects and designers.
Secret addresses and little bottags.
And of course wine tastings.
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Inspiration Tour
A fantastic world, a real "non-existent island" in which adults become children and children become adults.
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Поля в Тоскане фото
Inspiration Tour
Ceramic classes.
Horse-riding lessons.
Flags and drums.
Folklore show with the participation of children.
Immersion in the history of the region and endless tastings for adults and children.
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Поля в Тоскане фото
Art Tour
Theatre and cinema classes.
Flags and drums.
Folklore show with the participation of children.
Immersion in the history of the region and endless tastings for adults and children.
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Пляж острова Сардиния фото
Surf Tour
Surf, paddle board, skateboard, wind in your hair and salt on your skin. The story of the beautiful island: nuraghes, caves and ancient settlements. Crafts & Workshops: Cooking, Pottery, Basket Weaving. Pecorino cheese production and wine tastings.
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Пляж острова Сардиния фото
Sport Tour
Travel for outdoor enthusiasts. Downhill for adults and children, mountain biking, rock climbing lessons, Nordic walking, athletics, thermal spa relaxation and the charm of a classic alpine village.
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Gentlemen's tour
The best vacation option
for father and son
Projects for Ukrainians
Never before Italia Per Famiglie had such a global meaning and mission. Over the years our goal has been introducing Italy to families. We couldn't remain indifferent observing the number of children and their parents who come to Italy every hour.

Tours autumn/winter 2021-2022

Plan your vacation in advance.

Autumn is not a reason to forget about vacation. September is an extension of pleasure, October is a breath of fresh energy, November is a supply of vitamins before the long winter.
Трюфели в Пьемонте фото
Gourmet Tour
The tour that became a start of Italia Per Famiglie. Truffle hunt, vineyards, gnomes, battles, castles with ghosts, cooking class, retro cars. Come and see for yourself!
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Лыжные уроки в Трентино фото
Adventure Ski Tour
Snowy mountain peaks, cozy chalets, ski school for kids and individual lessons for schoolchildren.
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Three good reasons to meet us.
Vacations with children can become a family tradition. Join Italia Per Famiglie family tours in Italy and you'll know how to find the best restaurant in Florence, where is the most beautiful beach in Sardinia and which hotel is better to stay in Venice. A photo of the Italian trip will collect lots of likes on your social media.
First: A new look at the country.
Our company Italia Per Famiglie is based in Italy and we have the experience in organizing family travels. Together we'll meet unique people, take part in unusual events, excursions and activities. Tell us what kind of family vacation you are dreaming - Italia Per Famiglie will make your dream come true.
Second: Individual tour.
Exclusive family-friendly tours Italia Per Famiglie is a detailed travel plan convenient for each participant. We will take into account your wishes, preferences and arrange adventures so you and your family will have a great time together.
Third: Everything is thought out.
Italia Per Famiglie will book hotels and transport in advance. We'll make your family trip to Italy comfortable and safe and the cost will fit into your vacation budget. In addition you'll be accompanied by a guide who can quickly resolve any issues.
Meet the creator of the tours - Ksenia Forte
Ksenia is a mastermind and organizer of tours Italia Per Famiglia. More than 14 years living in Italy, two children, many ideas. A person in love with Italy, a tourist promoter, photographer, director, mother.

"The idea of creating the tours appeared after our many travels. Kids are always with us and it would be strange to organize adventures that are not focused on a comfortable family vacation."
I would like to write a review about my trip to Florence on March 8 with Ksenia. It turned out to be very comfortable, interesting and eventful traveling! Although at first there were a lot of doubts. Mostly about a household and organizational plan - but then! )) Such an interesting and eventful program in Florence (not the easiest city for children from 1 to 13 years old), to captivate and entertain everyone (both adults and kids), choose an amazing place of residence... In general, a journey that will be remembered for a long time! I am not writing here about all the places that we visited and about everything that we managed to do, touch and eat, I just wanted to write a little about our wow)... And we are right in anticipation of Apulia - such views in the photo! I really want to hope that the weather will be for swimsuits) some views in the pictures inspire to get summer clothes, although in Moscow time it is stable and stable early spring, periodically leaving again into winter (
Therefore, we will continue with you! Thanks)))

Can't wait for the next trip, it was really great! I've made many new friends.
Anastasia and daughter Martha
For the autumn holidays, together with Dasha, we went to Piedmont. For a long time I had a truffle hunt in my head, and suddenly by chance all events came together and I met the magical Kseniya Forte, which organizes interesting trips for families with children! We found our truffles, and I highly recommend you contact Xenia when traveling to Italy!

p.s. By the way, we traditionally go to the mountains to Garda in May and now together with Ksenia.
Irina and daughter Dasha

All was good! Considering that we are all different - capricious and lazy, it is probably very difficult to do it differently. A very emotional atmosphere has been created, I think that this is largely due to the amazing calmness, good nature, patience and philanthropy of Ksenia and her wonderful children and guests.
Inna and Stas with children Agnia and Georgy
Every day was unpredictable and always interesting, emotionally intense. Every day of Traveling in Tuscany was special - I remember everything.

I found a double-ganger at the Uffizi Gallery and appreciated Italian food.
Alexandra with two daughters
Last year Xenia and I got such a delightful experience of Piedmont! Ksenia is an excellent organizer, tireless guide through Italy. Both my daughter and my husband and I are delighted to meet the Forte family. We can't wait until the end of October to meet again, already in Venice.
Thank you so much for the great company, great mood, incredible lunches and dinners, fabulous visits !! Everything was at the highest professional level !!! We will miss Piedmont !!!! We do not say goodbye, but say goodbye and see you soon, friends !!! :)
Nadezhda and her kids Amalia, Tatiana and Marianna
We learned about this company from our close friends, whom Ksenia organized an individual tour last year. They were delighted with him, so we boldly set out on a trip to Piedmont in the company of Xenia (and her family), Alina and another wonderful family from Switzerland. The tour was perfectly organized: all the days were clearly planned down to the last detail. On the days of parents visiting wine and cheese tastings, children visited castles, children's museums; in restaurants, children sat at their children's table in the company of a wonderful nanny - Alina, who allowed parents to relax;) The atmosphere was amazing: very comfortable and friendly, it seemed that we have known each other for 100 years! All the events were interesting and unforgettable: ghosts in the castle, Harry Potter, knights, a nut factory, wineries, cheeses, excursions accompanied by an interesting guide Olga (part-time wine and cheese taster), and, of course, an unforgettable truffle hunt !! ! We thank your team immensely!
We miss you and look forward to new joint trips!
Ksenia is a mother and a wonderful person who knows from her own experience how to interest children in a trip to this region. Even if she does not accompany, she is always in touch in messengers, and persistently monitors the timing in situations where we tried to blur the program to our own detriment. For us - a family with 4 children from 2 to 25 with a grandmother, she was able to find a program in Piedmont for a week so that every day was interesting to everyone. Hopefully we'll do it again - there is no checkmark on balloon flight!
- Romantic dinner on Lake Como
- Picnic at the top of the mountain in Trentino
- Fishing on the island of Sardinia
- The best of three days in Tuscany
- A ride on a retro car on Lake Garda
- Football Championship for Children
These are just some of the options. We will help you implement ideas or develop new ones.
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