16/04/2024 - 21/04/2024


Salone del mobile design week events, fuorisalone,
galleries and villas.
Secret addresses and small bottegas accompanied by designers, journalists and architects.
A tour of the workshops of the Teatro La Scala will reveal all the backstages, techniques and secrets of the greatest musical successes.
Street art and museums of modern art. Learn about photography and skate lessons in a professional school.
EURO 900
Сost of the tour without accommodation.
Children up to 3 years
take part free of charge.


16/04/2024 - 21/04/2024
Day 1
  • Arrival
  • Introduction and aperitif at one of the design bars
  • Transfer for kids to skate school
  • Sightseeing tour "Creative Milan" for adults
  • Skate lesson at school for children
  • Dinner
Walk-inspiration "Creative Milan", during which you will get acquainted with the creativity of Milan residents. Craftsmen's workshops and galleries of modern art, an art installation church and a provocative monument to one of the main Italian artists of modern times, the narrowest street in Milan and a secret courtyard with a centuries-old history.

Day 2
  • Visit to the Salone del Mobile Milano furniture salon for adults, accompanied by journalist and design consultant Massimo Rosati
  • Street-art excursion + workshop for children
  • Dinner
Visit the furniture salon Salone del Mobile Milano and get acquainted with the Italian design through the companies that created its history.

The 15-stage tour of Salone del Mobile will show you the best examples of Italian design. Each stage is represented by a company that has a history of design. Each stage describes the contribution that the company makes
She introduced Italian design through her most iconic designers and objects.

Together we will discover such companies as Artemide and Flos (lighting), Giorgetti, Cappellini, Cassina and others. And also visit some of the leading fashion brands Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Versace, Missoni.

Depending on the type and interests of the participants, meetings with designers and entrepreneurs can be organized.
Day 3
  • Visit Fuorisalone with the designer
  • Creative workshop for children, visiting a museum of modern art
  • Lunch time
  • Visit to the workshops of La Scala Theatre
  • Transfer to skate school
  • Skate lesson for children
  • Shopping (secret locations) for adults
  • Workshop with oenologist Veuve Clicquot signor Lison Blanchemanche
  • Dinner

The Fuorisalone route includes visits to villas, events and galleries. Such as: Villa Necchi Campiglio - a cult villa of Milan, built in the early 20th century Piero Portaluppi - the architect of the great Milan families, so it was called. Fondazione Prada is a cultural organization that combines fashion, art, architecture and design with a "Bar of Light" inspired by the traditional Cafe Milan, designed by director Wes Anderson. Galleria Nilufar Deport, Galleria Luisa delle Piane, Fragile, Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Dutch masterly and historical palazzo.
Day 4
  • Transfer to Lake Como
  • Lake tour
  • Visit of historic villas
Unforgettable journey to one of the most picturesque lakes in the vicinity of Milan. This walk, filled with the beauty of nature and the feeling of «share vita», is intended for true hedonists. Unique locations, spectacular views and visits to villas with amazing gardens.
Day 5
  • Fuorisalone Brera City tour for Adults
  • Creative workshop for children
  • Lunch time
  • Photo session in professional photo studio for children and adults
  • Dinner
Meeting in the heart of the pedestrian artistic district of Brera, meeting with the group, discussing the phenomenon of Fuorisalone. Visit the Pinacoteca di Brera garden with an annual event, visit the oldest shop for artists Crespi, acquaintance with the owner. Via Solferino with its numerous showrooms, Missoni, Boff, Dimoregalley, La Pelota Jai Alai. Visit Philipp Starck at the Aquarium in Milan. Stop at VMaison, meet its owners Toni Zimbaro and Veronica Zimbaro, visit the designer's atelier.
Day 6
  • Breakfast with the secret design-expert
  • Termination of the program
Invited expert in design and art, journalist Corriere della Sera and one of the iconic artist-symbols of the Milan bohemian, will talk about the evolution of design weeks in Milan over the past 30 years.
CIAO! Привет!
Не пропусти лучшее семейное путешествие!
Salone del Mobile, held every year and is a key event for the industrial design sector, in particular - furniture.

Visiting the furniture salon in Milan is a unique opportunity to get to know the world of design.
The first issues of Fuorisalone date back to the early 1980s. At the behest of the furniture and industrial design companies, the first exhibition was opened to exchange experiences and ideas. Currently, in parallel with the theme of design and furniture, activities in the field of food, cars, art and fashion are also developing.

Exhibition at SIAM in Milan during the Milan Design Week 2023.

FUORISALONE and its quarters

Brera Design District
The future is now, and giving it form and meaning is a priority. It is on this basis that the 14th issue of Brera Design Week is built, with more than 240 events. By supporting the theme "The Laboratory of the Future", Brera Design Week 2023 activates reflections on the challenges of modernity, providing space for projects and practices that can trigger action for change. The future is not an abstract and intangible, it is created by the quality of our present.

5 vie Design Week
The 10th 5VIE Design Week, an event dedicated to author's and collector's design, high mastery and relationship of design with the arts and creativity in the broadest sense, returns to the historical center of Milan, to the area between Corso Magenta (Corso Magenta), Sant Ambrogio (Sant'Ambrogio) and Le Colonna di San Lorenzo (Le Colonne di San Lorenzo)

The title of this year's exhibition - "Design for the Good" - invites you to look at design as a tool for creating and cultivating deep human bonds, with the aim of ensuring sustainability based on mutual care.

Isola Design District
More than 40 locations in the Isola Design District and beyond will host group exhibitions and events with the participation of hundreds of international designers, design studios and artisans.
This year, Isola, with its creative team and two guest curators, organizes seven group exhibitions on topics such as collectible design and new crafts, design technology and health.
"Nothing will happen if nothing happens" is a manifesto addressed to all members of the global design community and a call to action to go beyond the simple concept of sustainability.
The main facts about Massimo:

• Hobbies: Design, Communication, Media. Loves to write, Tell, Read, Know...

• The biggest success: He has combined all his hobbies in a job he loves very much

• The main pride: To date, he is one of the most respected journalists of Italian design.

• Alternates the profession of journalist and designer blogger with the profession of strategic design and communications consultant for companies.

Massimo Rosati, director of the magazine /DESIGN STREET/

The main facts about Massimo:

• Hobbies: Design, Communication, Media. Loves to write, Tell, Read, Know...

• The biggest success: He has combined all his hobbies in a job he loves very much

• The main pride: To date, he is one of the most respected journalists of Italian design.

• Alternates the profession of journalist and designer blogger with the profession of strategic design and communications consultant for companies.

Massimo Rosati, director of the magazine /DESIGN STREET/

More than 20 years in the editorial business: first as editor-in-chief, then as managing director and editorial director.

For 15 years he directed the monthly design /LA MIA CASA/ founded in 1968.

In 2011, he founded a /DESIGN STREET/ award-winning magazine dedicated to contemporary design.
  • Architect, professional journalist and designer blogger.
  • He is a consultant on strategic design and communication, as well as a digital strategist specializing in brand journalism, SEO, social networks.
  • And in the positioning of digital media in search engines.
  • He collaborated with such well-known publishers as /Condé Nast/, /RCS/, /Mondadori/, /Il Sole 24 Ore/.
Workshop attendance
La Scala, located on the territory of the former steel factory Ansaldo, will take you backstage of the greatest theatrical productions, a journey full of skill and great names of the Milan show business.
More than 60,000 stage costumes, decorations, sculptures and furnishings have made the performances of the Teatro La Scala of Milan great.
While La Scala's performances are known worldwide, the preparatory process behind them is less well known. A tour of La Scala's workshops will reveal all the backgrounds, techniques and secrets of the greatest musical success.

From the canvas scenes to the contemporary materials, a tour of La Scala's workshop in the former Ansaldo building is a journey to the perfection of traditional craftsmanship, where every costume, every detail, Each stage detail has the value of a unique handmade piece and represents the real world of art inside and outside the theatre world.
We create the most comfortable product while maintaining exclusivity and at the same time availability of the offer.
  • Price EUR 900 (per participant) includes:
    • Tour organization.
    • Work of guides, accompanying and translation.
    • Services of an animator or assistant for children.
    • All excursions included in the tour description.
    • Entrance tickets to the exhibition and visit the villas.
    • All master classes included in the description of the tour.
    • Reportage shooting throughout the tour.
    • Transfer kids to skate school and back.
  • There is a separate charge:
    • Air tickets and other transportation costs.
    • Visa.
    • Insurance.
    • Accommodation in the hotel of the selected category.
    • Transfer to Lake Como.
    • Boat ride on Lake Como.
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    • Personal Photo Shoot.
    • Additional costs not foreseen in the programme.
Milan and design with children
The concept of family travel in Italy.
Creative program in the city of design.
Want to visit Italy, do not know which city is better to go? We offer you one of the most iconic locations on the map of the country - a city that will become one of your favorite. Pack your suitcase and start planning a 5-day tour to Milan with Italia Per Famiglie!

Milan is famous for its architecture, design, number of fashion boutiques and "made in Italy" phenomenon. It is a city that combines the pulse of a large metropolis with authentic creative laboratories, hidden from prying eyes villas and gardens. It is worth buying a tour to Milan to feel this feeling.

In the understanding of most people Milan - a city "for adults". Shopping, business, design, fashion. Family tours Italia Per Famiglie will break this stereotype. Feel free to bring children of any age! Together we will travel the world of art, looking at the walls of the city, visiting behind the scenes theatres, galleries and museums, skating and creating performances. Street Art changed the face of Milan, turning neighborhoods into open-air museums thanks to unusual works signed by authors from around the world.
Visiting an international furniture exhibition with children is no longer a problem! We have included skate lessons, a master class on photography and many other options for children.
The best certified instructors skate academy Pinbowl will occupy children, while parents make excursions, meet galleries, and meet designers.

Italia Per Famiglie family tours are not a tourist mass product. Our team listens to everyone's wishes, ponders all the details of travel with children for the most comfortable rest.

Daily walks around the city, interesting excursions, Italian cuisine, master classes for children and the opportunity to relax for adults. During the Italia Per Famiglie family tours we try to take into account the wishes and interests of all participants!
On our website you can find reviews about visiting Milan by guests of Italia Per Famiglie and get detailed information about each tour to Italy.

The main attractions, secret addresses, the best restaurants and hotels in Milan are waiting for guests.

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