Від серця До серця
Hi. My name is Ksenia Forte. Many years, founded by me company Italy For Families (Italia Per Famiglie), is engaged in the organization
events and trips with children on the territory of Italy.

But until this spring, there was no one on our list of projects that was personally more important to me than the one you will read about below.
Many citizens of Ukraine had to flee their native country to save their lives. These are women and children. Forming a friendly collective, acquaintance with the traditions of the country, revealing emotions through art and creativity, are able for a while to give peace of mind and a sense of stability.
My wish is to give a warm home, a friendly hug, and, if necessary, a shoulder for those who need it.

We have prepared this proposal for families and children from Ukraine who are forced to stay in Italy.
You can register for one or more events free of charge.
We need funds to pay teachers, to buy materials for creation and skates for children
Our dream is raise money and make some creative spaces in Italy , which will function in summer. Master classes, laboratories, meeting with traditions of Italy for children. Space, which will be open communication, integration, getting of necessary information and first of all, art classes where will be possible to find friends, relax and recharge emotionally.
Donate to support our project
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