Sardinian sea
What are the secrets to its beauty
Considered one of the most beautiful seas in the world and the ideal destination for vacations, the Sardinian sea is not in any way inferior to other famous tropical paradises. Many families are conquered by the crystalline water of the Sardinian sea and choose it as the destination for their holidays.
The Sea of Sardinia is a body of water in the Mediterranean Sea between the Spanish archipelago of Balearic Islands and the Italian island of Sardinia. The deepest point is at some 3,000 m, some 150 km northwest to the island of Menorca.
Ksenia Forte
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There are several reasons that classify the Sardinian sea as one of the clearest and most beautiful in Europe.
Transparency: the sea of Sardinia is a mirror reflecting the sky, the water is so transparent you can observe the marvelous marine flora and fauna.

The sand: the Sardinian sea is not in any way inferior to tropical paradises, also the beaches have nothing to fear by comparison, there are long soft white sand beaches with shades of rose pink and gold revealed by the sunshine, just like the Spiaggia Rosa on the Budelli island.

Protected marine areas: the marvelous waters surrounding this gem of the Mediterranean holds many treasures known as protected marine areas. The protected natural marine areas are delimited parts of the sea which host species at risk of extinction, rare beautiful animals like pink flamingos and a rich marine ecosystem.
Fauna: the Sardinia sea is home to many protected animal species at risk of extinction, for example Loggerhead turtles, Risso's dolphins, common dolphins, the striped dolphins, fin whales, blubber whales, dogfish and blue sharks.

Seabeds: the incredible seabeds in Sardinia are without comparison for under water sport lovers, diving into these waters you will discover the suggestive world of marine flora and fauna which reflects the biodiversity of the island.

Surf: Sardinia is the ideal destination for surfers, gliding over the crystalline waters to find the perfect wind.
Discover the Sardinian sea with us!

From July 17 to 31, Italia Per Famiglie will open a SURF CAMP!

Our location
The most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

For whom
Summer camp for children from 5 to 15 years old and their parents.

Accommodation in 4s and 5s hotels. The rich program of the camp includes surfing and skateboarding, unusual excursions around the island and immersion in the culture of Sardinia.
Surfing and active recreation in the morning, excursions and master classes in the afternoon.

Don't miss the moment and enjoy Sardinia! We know how to make summer unforgettable! Our formula: a magnificent Italian island + surfing + perfect organization.

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