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Hi. My name is Ksenia Forte. Many years, founded by me company Italy For Families (Italia Per Famiglie), is engaged in the organization
events and trips with children on the territory of Italy.

But until this spring, there was no one on our list of projects that was personally more important to me than the one you will read about below.
Many citizens of Ukraine had to flee their native country to save their lives. These are women and children. Forming a friendly collective, acquaintance with the traditions of the country, revealing emotions through art and creativity, are able for a while to give peace of mind and a sense of stability.
My wish is to give a warm home, a friendly hug, and, if necessary, a shoulder for those who need it.

We have prepared this proposal for families and children from Ukraine who are forced to stay in Italy.
You can register for one or more events free of charge.
My personal goal is to ensure that children from Ukraine and Russian children in the game, in creativity, in joint conversation and occupation, erase the boundaries of mistrust, cruelty, senseless slaughter, which adults call the word "war".

I would very much like Russian children or bilingual children to take part in master classes on a paid basis. We cooperate with the best guides and teachers, museums and parks, and we would like to support those people who have expressed a desire to participate in the project. In addition, funds are required for the purchase of materials and the rental of premises. Paying for events is a way to say "you and I", a way to do a little action and help not just by word. In addition, I see great value in the opportunity to spend time with children from mixed or Russian-speaking families who live in Italy with children from Ukraine. We are thus taking a step towards rapprochement among countries that are likely to distance themselves for years to come.
Our Mission is
  • To create comfortable environment for Ukrainian children, integrate them, implement a community for communication
  • To translate the possibility of maintaining friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine by the communication between children from these countries
  • To help Ukrainians, staying in Italy, use their work skills
  • To make for children from Ukraine a creative spaces in Ital
Choose your status in Italy. And the site will take you to the page of free registration for events (for citizens of Ukraine) or to the page of payment (for citizens of other countries).
We offer free master classes, excursions and classes on the territory of Italy for Ukrainian children
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Plein air painting with Svetlana Perotti on Lake Garda
Svetlana Perotti founder of the Perotti School of Arts, leading teacher of the School, spiritual guru and mentor of more than 1000 artists of all ages, author of more than 20 articles on the philosophy and psychology of learning creativity from the basics, co-author of the international project of unique creative programs around the world Perotti Art Tour.

On April 24, Svetlana will gather children and adults on Lake Garda to paint the landscape with watercolor colors together. Freedom, expression and creativity. Art therapy through the game form, revealing the themes of place and location.

For all ages
The duration of the workshop is 3 hours
Meeting place: to be specified
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Easter master class with Eugenia Gurlay on Lake Maggiore
Evgenia Gurlay - is an interior designer living in Italy with her family on the beautiful shore of Lake Maggiore. After a brilliant career with an oil company, she studied interior design in London and now turned her passion into work. Eugenia describes and takes pictures of her beautiful house, villa of the beginning of the 20th century in her profileInstagram, and for the project "from heart to heart" Eugenia prepared the Easter master class on bouquet preparation.

For children from 5 years old
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting place: to be specified
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Skate lessons with Dmitry Fedorov in Rome
Dmitry Fedorov is a skateboarder with experience, the author of a project on the personalization of skates and the experience of teaching private lessons. Dmitry makes his own skateboards based on his unique collages. " I always use materials that I happen to see in everyday life - these are clippings from newspapers, magazines and brochures."

It is possible to engage in sketching at the amateur level from an early age. In my opinion, at five or six years old, the child is ready to stand on the board and learn to feel it. I think that almost every child likes it. Skating gives freedom and activity».

On April 29, Dmitry will hold a group skate boarding lesson in the park Roman Skate Park Cinetown.

Skateboarding helps to relieve stress and relax. During this class, students focus on their feelings and thoughts.
For children from 5 years
Duration: 1 hour
Meeting point: Skate Park Cinetown. Via Libero Leonardi, 106, Roma
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Geocaching game with Kseniya Forte in Cremona
Kseniya Forte is the founder of the Russian-Ukrainian project «Vid sercia Do cercia», the author of family travel Italia Per Famiglie, licensed guide, photographer.

Geocaching, geo-mining ( geo- «earth» + cache «hide in a secret place») - a kind of sports game, the task of which is to bury and search for treasure. The Internet and GPS search capabilities are used.

On April 29, Ksenia will be waiting for players of all ages at Duomo Square in Cremona. To participate in the game, each participant must have a phone number. Discovering the hiding places hidden by other players, the children will get to know the city and each other.

For children of all ages
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting place: Piazza del Comune, 26100 Cremona
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Creativity with Kargapolna Valentina in Milan
Kargapolova Valentina is an economist by training, a master at the Design Institute in Milan in the field of fashion, from childhood was fond of making toys and clothes for dolls, child psychologist, mother with many children and creator of the brand Tre Bambini, as well as sets for parents for sewing and embroidery.

"The purpose of my work with children was to spend time and reveal their creative abilities to children so that they feel harmonious and creative every day in a warm environment. Time spent together with the child, creative time is a valuable gift for children. In our classes I create an island of peace and intimacy for children."

Playing with puppets in the child's brain activates the areas involved in processing information about social contacts. At the sewing lesson on the pre-aschal Saturday children will be able to create their own creative work. The class will be held in two stages: a morning meeting from 10 to 13 hours, a break for a walk in the park and tea, continuation of the class from 15 to 18 hours.

For children from 5 years old
Full-day lesson with lunch break
Meeting place: Milano (exact meeting place specified)
Мальчик на яхте в Хорватии фото
Ceramic class with Anna Kapyrina in Rome
Anna Kapyrina - is a ceramist and founder of the Anna Kapyrina Ceramic studio - little workshop studio for big experiments. Anna teaches children pottery, modelling and pottery decoration.

"Ceramics is a way of life, a way of thinking. It is an adventure. No other material gives so much scope for imagination, so many ways of working, resources and a deep sense of the creative process as clay. I love watching children getting to know clay, crumpling, cutting, beating, smearing, using different tools. There is no need to rush the child, they are not spoiled, they are learning the properties of the material, its possibilities: texture, plasticity, how the clay reacts to exposure."

For all ages
Class duration 3 hours
Meeting place: Roma (exact meeting place to be specified)
We need funds to pay teachers, to buy materials for creation and skates for children
Our dream is raise money and make some creative spaces in Italy , which will function in summer. Master classes, laboratories, meeting with traditions of Italy for children. Space, which will be open communication, integration, getting of necessary information and first of all, art classes where will be possible to find friends, relax and recharge emotionally.
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