Arezzo, Italy
Where should I spend my summer vacation? This is the question many parents are asking themselves. How to combine recreation and gastronomic pleasures for parents and active activities for children? Where is that magical land where it is sunny and warm, it is interesting to walk and visit museums, try new foods and confidently order the food that children love?

Of course, this is Italy and one of the most popular regions of this country - Tuscany.

It is here in a short period of time you can visit several cities at once, each of which will leave pleasant memories:
Florence, Arezzo, Siena, San Gimignano and others.
Finding and booking accommodation is one of the most initial steps in preparing for a vacation. And one of the most problematic. Book by yourself or with a travel agent? If you choose your own accommodation, you need to know a lot of nuances, through a travel agent - you are likely to be put in a typical hotel with a lot of tourists-packagers.
The mission of Italia Per Famiglie is to give parents the opportunity to relax without thinking and worrying about the little things, forgetting about vanity and gaining new experiences, discovering Italy from a new angle. We understand how difficult it is to find the right accommodation. Especially when it comes to holidays with children.
Therefore, we offer our guests an original solution to the housing issue - a real aristocratic estate. Rest in which will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient Italy and give fabulous memories of this country.
The origins of the Tuscan house Italia Per Famiglie go back to the XV century. Originally, the house belonged to a family of Italian aristocrats. The estate retains its original stone floors and wooden ceiling beams. The house overlooks the vineyards and is complete with a collection of antique furniture. Guests of Italia Per Famiglie particularly note the large and elegant living room, which overlooks the manicured garden - perfect for relaxing in the fresh air. The house is located among the hills in the typical Tuscan countryside, near Chianti, a few kilometers from Arezzo. It is an ideal base for visiting the art cities of Siena and Florence. There are many artistic and architectural trails in this area.
Now, nearly 800 years later, the tree is so big that it does not fit on one tapestry. And the current descendants of the family are the same age as the tour's young guests.
According to the family tree (pictured above), the family of the owners dates back to the XIII century and their descendants to this day come here in the hunting season. Therefore, the house is full of hunting paraphernalia, trophies. The participants of the Italia Per Famiglie tour feel like honored guests of real aristocrats.

A few years ago, the manor was restored. It has kept its authenticity, but with the comfort of modern housing. It now consists of four buildings: a large villa and three smaller houses (one is still under restoration).
The house has a swimming pool and a terrace with all the necessary sports equipment. Table tennis, bicycles, balls and soccer goals are always at guests' disposal. On the big green lawn right in front of the house there is a slide for the youngest travelers Italia Per Famiglie. Although all the bathrooms in the villa are shared, we settle our guests in such a way that everyone has his own bathroom.

Journey to Tuscany
together with Italia Per Famiglie
Creative master classes, fascinating tours, wine tastings, cooking class and much more.
Join the Italia Per Famiglie tour!
Tuscan home Italia Per Famiglie
is the realization of the dream of a large antique mansion,
In which each item is full of meaning and history, every detail keeps a secret.
We are waiting for you to visit!
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