The capital of Sardinia

Cagliari is Sardinia's main and most populous city, at the centre of an urban area that counts 430,000 inhabitants (150,000 of them in the capital city alone) as well as the island's gateway port and main Mediterranean cruise liner hub. The city's history goes back thousands of years, from pre-historic times to the reign of the Savoy.
The capital of Sardinia is steeped in Mediterranean atmosphere and offers everything you could want from a vacation: history and art, seashores and parks, comfort and fine cuisine.
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Stagno di Cagliari
Next to Sardinia's capital is a lagoon that is one of Europe's largest and most important natural sites, a habitat for numerous species of bird, as well as a site of historical, economic and industrial interest.

Already a port in Punic times, and always a synonym of fishing and salt production, the laguna's importance is now internationally recognised.

The Cagliari lagoon is a wetlands area of 1300 hectares just outside the capital, and has historical and natural value.

The strategic position has made it a port hub, leading to alterations in the ecosystem. Nonetheless, the plants along the shores offer a habitat to nearly 200 bird species, 70 of which remain all year round: herons, ducks, barn owls, black-winged stilts, falcons, gulls and kingfishers.

The symbol of the lagoon are the pink flamingos, that choose to nest in Cagliari as well as in the Molentargius Park. You can observe without disturbing them in birdwatching hides located along the main road that runs around the edge of the Capoterralaguna.
Fortificazions in Cagliari
The old system of towers and bastions, originally garrisons in Sardinia's capital city, is still almost intact, with views and panoramas appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

Cagliari's walls run all around the perimeter of the ancient Castello district and include the tower of the Elephant and that of San Pancrazio. Large parts of the old system of towers and bastions, built to protect the town, are still remaining and today, thanks to the panoramic views of the town they offer, you can spend pleasant, relaxing moments. From elegant terraces, in one of Cagliari's highest areas, you can sip an aperitif while enjoying the breathtaking views. Not far from the fortifications, you will find the main shopping streets.

Between 1491 and 1508, a bastion was built on the hill of the Castello district and was the seat of the town's civil and religious authorities for centuries. In 1534, a boundary wall was built between the Tower of the Elephant and the Church of Santa Croce, a former synagogue converted into a Catholic place of worship in 1492. The Bastion of Santa Croce is now an elegant terrace, an elegant terrace and centre of nightlife, overlooking the Stampace district and facing the deep blue sea of the port.

The Tower of San Pancrazio, built in 1305 by architect Giovanni Capula, was constructed in sandstone, white limestone extracted from the Bonaria hill, where the splendid basilica of the same name stands. At the base of the tower, the gate of San Pancrazio opens up, allowing you to enter the Castello district.

The Tower of the Elephant was built two years later. Its name comes from the statue of the pachyderm, symbol of the city, positioned on a corbel on the external part, facing towards the port. Divided into four levels, you will be struck by the majesty of the great portcullis which is raised, but ready to close the entrance door to the old district. Don't be afraid to cross it, though, because it is now one of the access routesalways open (and highly-frequented) to the beautiful sights of Cagliari.
A vast and stunning city beach, with eight kilometres of coastline extending between Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena comprised of soft sand, blue sea, relaxation, fun and sport.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the inhabitants of Cagliari favoured the western part of the Golfo degli Angeli. Then, little by little, as they began to appreciate the white dunes, the first establishments, a kiosk and a summer camp were created and, lastly, the famous multicoloured bathing huts were built (and then completely removed in 1986).

Over time, the area has become increasingly populated, earning it the name of 'Spiaggia dei Centomila' (beach of a hundred thousand). Today, the Poetto is the undisputed 'sea' of Cagliari's hinterland, one of the largest city beaches in Europe, as well as the most beautiful and frequented island, a favourite destination for those visiting the capital in summer or any sunny day throughout the year, also being a perfect stop to enjoy a coffee or aperitif accompanied by the sea breeze.

The extension of the beach is evenly divided along the four kilometres or so of the Quartu coast and the four forming part of Cagliari, split according to the stops of the tram that has since been replaced by buses in more recent times. The 'first stop' has a very shallow seabed, the 'second' and 'third' are the place in which the historic establishments of D'Aquila and Lido are located, the law enforcement agencies are at the 'fourth' stop, while from the 'fifth', where the Spanish tower stands, to the end of the line, there is a vast stretch of 'free' beach. The border with the coastline of Quartu is La Bussola, the name of which comes from an establishment that is no longer in operation. From here, the free beach alternates with welcoming and well-equipped beach establishments.
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Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
Italia Per Famiglie

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