Perfugas. Another city in the program of our
Perfugas is a Medieval town of 2400 inhabitants located 30 kilometres from Castelsardo and 50 from Sassari. Its name derives from the Latin perfugae, meaning "fugitives", a reference to the Balari, who resided here.
Ksenia Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
An important town of Anglona, in Sardinia's north-west, that has always hosted human settlements, rich in archaeological sites and antient churches.

It stands in the heart of Anglona, in a fertile territory that was one of the first on the island to be inhabited, with traces of human habitation dating back to as early as the Lower Palaeolithic.

The Coghinas River, into which various tributaries merge, flows in the west of the territory, marking the border with Gallura. Once a lake, today, the waters are uncovering the remains of a petrified forest formed between 30 and 15 million years ago.

Along the Battana stream evidence of a settlement dated to 150 to 500 thousand years ago have been found. Neolithic sites in the area are countless: stone circles of Concas, Su Lione dolmen and Domus de Janas of Ariete (in Su Solianu), of Niedda and of Funtana Pulida.
This city is an ideal place to show children interesting archaeology. And that's exactly what we will do! The participants of our camp will meet with a real archaeologist!
Ksenia Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
An interesting place to visit is located in the historical center of the city: the Perdio Canopoli, a well temple of limestone blocks dated to between the end of the Middle Bronze and the Iron ages. Well preserved, its paved vestibule, stairway, well chamber and roofing can still be seen.

Ex-voto have been found in the well, including an elegant bronze sculpture. Some of the artefacts are on display at the Archaeologic-Palaeobotanical Civic Museum along with fossils and artefacts spanning from the Palaeolithic to the Medieval period, including a 4th century BC statue of the "Mother Goddess with a Child".

The museum also boasts prized polychromed wood carvings, such as a 14th century Madonna, silver and gold pieces, including a reliquary cross and a 16th century crucifix.
Italia Per Famiglie

In just a few weeks, our adventure with snowboards and skateboards will begin!

From July 17 to July 31. Summer camp for children from 5 to 15 years old and their parents. Accommodation in 4s and 5s hotels. Surfing and active recreation in the morning, excursions and master classes in the afternoon.
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