Italy for surfing
Every year thousands of surfers come to the Italian island of Sardinia,
because here nature has created ideal conditions for surfing.
There are several seas in Italy: in the east - the Adriatic Sea, in the south - the Mediterranean and Ionian, in the west - the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian. And where there is a sea, there is always a place for adventure... and surfing!

The island of Sardinia is located 200 kilometers west of the Italian mainland and is washed by the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas. Good waves for surfing often come here thanks to the favorable location of the island in the Mediterranean Sea and the winds.
The water in the Mediterranean warms up
to 23 degrees in summer. Perfect for surfing!
"Surfing in Sardinia can always be combined with cultural and beach holidays. Because here you will find not only good waves, but also many historical attractions, endless beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches.

Italia Per Famiglie has chosen Sardinia for a summer camp for children and adults. We have already spent several summer holidays here. And every time it was a fantastic vacation! Contact us to find out the SURF-CAMP-2022 program:
Ksenia Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
Sardinia is an island of wind, with its almost two thousand
kilometers of coastline. This is a great outdoor gym.
The island offers many places for surfers.
Capo Mannu
Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. And thanks to this, you will find many surf spots here. The best place to surf is the Capo Mannu spot on the west coast of the island.

Capo Mannu is a cape located 22 kilometers from Oristano. Fans of surfing and windsurfing know this place well. The history of the cape as a place for surfing began in the late 80s: several surfers spent their season here, and then told their friends about this ideal spot.

Gradually, Capo Mannu has become one of the most popular places in Europe for this sport. For several years, the sport has been the venue for the annual national surfing competitions "Capo del Capo".

Chia (Baia di Chia)
An amazing place for surfing is the beautiful Baia di Chia, located in the south of the island. Baia di Chia is a coastal area that is also a village, part of the municipality of Domus de Maria.

The beaches of Baia di Chia are among the five most beautiful beaches in the world, so surfing here will be a heavenly delight. Along the coast to the west you cross the beaches of Sa Tuerra, Porto Campana, Spiaggia de su Sali, and Su Giudeu is the most beautiful of all. Also called Spiaggia de s'Abba Durci (Freshwater Beach), it is a long stretch of white sand surrounded by high dunes covered with centuries-old junipers, which with their shapes create a particularly suggestive landscape.

On the back of this stretch of coast is the pond of Spartivento, precious natural oasis habitat of many animal species. In front of the beach of Su Giudeu, a short distance from the shore, there is an islet easily accessible for the shallow seabed that separates it from the mainland.

In the westernmost part of this stretch of coast is the beach of Cala Cipolla. Reachable only on foot, it extends into a small sheltered cove enclosed by a rocky promontory that separates it from the larger coastline. From Cala Cipolla a panoramic path allows you to reach the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento (Il Faro di Capo Spartivento), from the top of which you can admire the entire southern coast of Sulcis.

Ideal for professional and novice surfers spot Buggerru. It is located in the south-west of Sardinia.

In the surroundings of the village there is a picturesque stretch of coast, bordered to the north by Capo Pecora and Portixeddu. To the south, two kilometers from the village, there is the beautiful cove of Cala Domestica, a jewel set among limestone cliffs. In front, there is a sea among the most beautiful in Sardinia. To the right of the port, buggerru Beach emerges, soft sand washed by the blue sea. To the north you will find the sand dunes of San Nicolo, behind which stands a lush pine forest.

Porto Ferro
A deep bay welcome a long and beautiful sandy descent, northern end of the Riviera del Corallo, in the northwestern coast of Sardinia.

A crescent of sand two kilometers long nestled between the marine protected area of Capo Caccia and Capo dell'Argentiera. The beautiful and deep bay of Porto Ferro is the northern limit of the Riviera del Corallo, a coastal enclave of Sassari, twenty kilometers from Alghero.

Inside it "protects" one of the widest beaches of the impervious coast of Nurra, as well as chosen among the most beautiful in Sardinia by the Touring Club Italia, and more "sustainable" by the Foundation for Environmental Education, awarded the Blue Flag in the three-year period 2016-2018.
The seabed slopes gently from the shore, frequent wind and high waves make it a destination for surfing.

Rena Majore
At the northern tip of Sardinia there is a large beach of rare beauty - Rena Majori. There is soft white sand, crystal clear water and a diverse seabed. This is one of the favorite places of Gallura.

It is located in the almost eponymous resort of Rena Majori, on the territory of Aglientu, an integral part of the naturalistic section of the Monti Russu.

The coastline is broken by the mouths of rio Cantaru and rio Ciuchesa, which "cut" the sand tongue, dividing it into three parts and making the shoreline even more impressive, rarely very crowded. Behind, a vast pine forest shelters from the wind and is a relaxing refuge on sultry days.

Rena Majori is just 8 kilometers from Santa Teresa Gallura and its "citizen" paradise, The Rena Bianca, a 700-meter cove, with a shallow seabed and soft, white sand, with clear sea with dazzling colors.
The conditions for surfing in Sardinia in summer are great for those who are just starting to surf. At this time, there are pleasant soft waves here. It is recommended to take the first steps in surfing under the supervision of an experienced instructor who will explain the basics of surfing techniques, and will also immediately correct all mistakes.

For continuing surfers, the most interesting time to surf in Italy is the winter months. In winter, the winds increase and drive more powerful waves to the coast of Sardinia. In winter, Sardinia has good surfing conditions for experienced surfers almost every day.
Italia Per Famiglie

We know how to make summer unforgettable! Our formula: a magnificent Italian island + surfing + perfect organization.

From July 17 to July 31. Summer camp for children from 5 to 15 years old and their parents. Accommodation in 4s and 5s hotels. Surfing and active recreation in the morning, excursions and master classes in the afternoon.
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