The California of North Sardinia
In July, Italia Per Famiglie will open a SURF CAMP for children from 5 to 15 years old and their parents.
We chose for the summer camp the endless beaches of Badesi and Isola Rossa
in the northern part of the island of Sardinia. Right now let's take a virtual tour of Badesi together!
Peaceful and akin to paradise, the little fishing village of Badesi lies at the border of the Anglona and Gallura areas of north Sardinia. Characterised by pristine white sand beaches that spread for kilometers. The virgin beaches are covered with juniper, and the Mistral wind playfully caresses its idly rolling sands.
Ksenia Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
Famous for its long white sandy beaches overlooking the crystalline sea of the Golfo dell'Asinara, Badesi is a lively town in Northern Sardinia that marks the western edge of Gallura on the border with Castelsardo.

An independent municipality since 1969, the Badesi area extends as far as the banks of the river Coghinas, a natural border between the Gallura and Anglona regions.

The beauty of the beaches and the dunes in the shade of spectacular juniper bushes fascinate tourists and visitors, won over above all by the warm hospitality offered by the locals. Badesi has an extraordinary tourist vocation that over the years has led to the development of facilities and resorts for families, hotels on the beach, bars, clubs and lots of watersports and activities that liven up holidays in this corner of Northern Sardinia every summer.
People from all over the world travel to Badesi every year for several reasons, some want to surf on the sea waves, some want to sample the local cuisine and wines, and some want to gaze at the numerous migratory birds that head over to the region every winter. Some want to just laze around on the white sands while others want to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the mesmerizing village.
Ksenia Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
To understand what the Badesi beaches are like, think of long Californian coastlines… but with the warm, crystalline water of Sardinia and the fine white sand.

After the cliffs of Isola Rossa and the beach at Li Feruli the long Badesi coastline starts with the beach at Li Mindi, the first section of a 12 km long stretch of sand that ends at Valledoria.

Continuing along the beach we arrive at Li Junchi, the main Badesi beach which is 8 kms long and right in front of the Resort & SPA Le Dune. It is the most popular and best equipped beach on the entire coast, with snack bars, restaurants, shops, catamaran rentals, surf and windsurf schools.

The Li Junchi beach has had a Bandiera Blu or Blue Flag since 2016 and in 2017 this award was also given to the beaches at Li Mindi and Baja delle Mimose.

Among the beaches near Badesi that are worth a visit, we can't leave out Isola Rossa with the Spiaggia Lunga and La Marinedda (both Blue Flags in 2017) and the fascinating Costa Paradiso with the beaches at Li Cossi and Cala Tinnari.
To enjoy the beauty of this stretch of coast, the ideal solution is a boat trip to the Golfo dell'Asinara. Those who want to stay in the area or take a half-day excursion can choose the beautiful Costa Rossa and its fabulous bays where snorkelling is always a thrill!

If instead you are feeling more energetic, you can book a day of sport fishing and spend exciting hours on the water. Whether with family and friends it's a really great experience!

Badesi is also a popular destination for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts and together with the nearby La Marinedda beach is one of the most popular spots in Northern Sardinia.

What's more, in August and September the waves become the stage for exciting surfing contests where internationally renowned athletes come and compete.

Since Badesi is also famous for good wine don't miss the chance of taking part in a wine tasting in some of the best known wineries in the area and don't miss the many local festivals organized in the inland towns and villages.
Don't miss the moment and enjoy Sardinia in good company!

We know how to make summer unforgettable!
Our formula: a magnificent Italian island + surfing + perfect organization.

From July 17 to July 31.

Endless beaches of Badesi and Isola Rossa in the northern part of the island of Sardinia.

For whom?
Summer camp for children from 5 to 15 years old and their parents.

Accommodation in 4s and 5s hotels. Surfing and active recreation in the morning,
excursions and master classes in the afternoon.
Contact us to arrange your trip to Italy!
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