Women's League - Milan
TOP 5 popular Milan venues
On the eve of the main women's holiday, we will share addresses with you
cosy bars and restaurants. They are all created by women's hands.
And... they all began with love - for flowers, literature, cooking or oenology. And, of course, every institution is a source of pride for dedicated women who manage to do their job well despite the difficult times.
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Kseniya Forte
Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
Trattoria "Al pont de ferr"

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55
The famous establishment, located in the area of Navilla, more than 35 years old. The owner of the institution and sommelier - Maida Mercury (Maida Mercuri). She created a real trattorium with traditional cuisine and culinary experiments.
Wine cellar "Bicerin"

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 24
This wine salon was founded in 2015 by Iris Romano (Iris Romano). She has always worked in restaurants and actively promoted the Robert Parker wine rating system.

This system uses a 100-point quality scale in which wines are awarded points. Parker's rating has become a standard in the wine industry. Restaurants that offer wines that qualify under this system tend to treat them as art.
Confectionery "Gelsomina"

Via Carlo Tenca, 5

This project is the brainchild of Ilaria Puddu (Illaria Puddu) and her longtime partner Stefano Saturnino. Ilaria is a successful entrepreneur, convinced that women embody the concept of multitasking. And that's why Illaria does everything herself - from running social networks to recruiting staff.

Her pastry shop is popular, including thanks to Maritozzo dessert. It was Illaria who made him a cult in Milan.
Floristic restaurant "Potafiori"

Via Salasco, 17
Rosalba Piccini (Rosalba Piccini) is known for her love of singing, flowers and good food. The mix of these three elements allowed her to launch and successfully grow the restaurant, which is both a flower shop and an entertainment space.
Everyone who's ever been to this place is inspired by the atmosphere that Rosalba created. She is a true example of a small-town girl who knew how to believe and bet on her dreams and passions.
Bar "Tipografia Alimentare"

Via Dolomiti, 1
It is a compact but extremely popular establishment offering wines and traditional aperitifs, lunch and coffee.

The bar is managed by a team of mothers and daughters - it's Carl and Martin (Carla e Martina). Their idea was to create a place to meet for good food and drink. In "Tipografia Alimentare", they merged Carla's literary and narrative worlds (tipografia - Carla once worked as a journalist) and the world of food (alimentare - this is part of Martina's great passion).
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