Every year on the first Sunday of October, Tuscany pauses in anticipation of an exciting event. On this day passes the famous cycling race "L'Eroica" - an habit soaked with a real heroic spirit.

If you have ever made a family trip in Tuscany, then surely have seen the famous "White Roads", preserved from the Roman Empire. In order not to lose this heritage, the first historic bike ride was held in 1997. The organizer was well-known journalist and writer Giancarlo Brocci. 92 athletes took part in the race. And this year, there were more than 8,000 participants. The organizers managed to raise more than 57 million euros to save the famous dirt roads of Tuscany.

The event is unique in that it allows you to experience the spirit of that era. Only vintage bicycles, not older than 1987, participate in the race. With heavy frames, obsolete brakes and speed switches. Clothing participants are also recommended to choose appropriate for the time, from materials that were in use until the 1980s of the twentieth century.
Chianti District
The race starts early in the morning from the town of Gaiole in Chianti (Gaiole in Chianti ). This is a classic Italian backwoods surrounded by picturesque vineyards and numerous castles.

Brolio Castle is especially famous (Castello di Brolio). It is one of the oldest castles in Tuscany and the largest winery in the area of Chianti. The territory of the castle is more than 1200 hectares and 240 of them occupy vineyards. In the 13th century, the Ricasoli family became the owner, namely the famous Baron Bettino Ricasoli, twice Prime Minister of Italy. He's the one who invented the perfect Chianti wine formula.

The castle is open to the public upon reservation. You can walk around the territory, sit in the cozy restaurant Osteria di Brolio and taste the best wines. During the Italia Per Famiglie tour, children can visit the castle armoury with a Russian-speaking guide, and parents can try the famous wines from the Ricasoli family collection and buy natural products produced at the estate.
The L'Eroica race has an extraordinary scenic route, but participants need to work hard to overcome it. The name L'Eroica is not for nothing translated as «heroic». The whole way consists of alternating descents and lifts, and often runs on dirt roads. On an old bicycle the race turns into a real test.

The route consists of several sections of varying complexity and length:
  • Mini Chianti. The easiest route. Its length is 46 km, and the travel time is about 3 hours. -Short route. Its length is 81 km. It will take four hours to overcome.
  • The route «100» length of 106 km. The route is difficult, but accessible to amateur cyclists, because there are no large differences in heights on the site.
  • Medium route. Length 135 km, and travel time may be more than 12 hours.
  • Long route. This is the "L'Eroica" in the most authentic form. The length of 209 km, and the height difference is more than 3700 m. The trip will take more than 15 hours. Many people finish this route by midnight.
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"L'Eroica" is not only for professionals. And amateur cyclists take part in it. This is an adventure, an opportunity to overcome the difficulties and feel the spirit of the era, taking grandfather's suit out of the closet and riding an ancient bike to the beautiful places of Tuscany.

Your trip with children to Tuscany can be even more interesting if you manage to visit the race "L'Eroica". Even being a simple spectator, you will plunge into the past and feel the atmosphere of a real holiday.

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