Skate for children
How to choose a skateboard and make it unique
Imagine: a warm breeze, a delightful view of the blue sea and the white beach. Next - a flat asphalt platform, and in the hands - a bright skateboard. Mood - summer, camp, childhood!
In July 2022, Italia Per Famiglie will again host a camp for children aged 5-15 and their parents. About his program we told in the previous post (skate and surf - the main "keys" of our summer program), and now we will dwell on the skateboard, because we will not only teach children to ride, but also show how to build their own skateboard!
At Camp Italia Per Famiglie
skateboarding lessons will be held by Dmitry Fedorov.
He is a skateboarder with experience, and the author of a very interesting
project on the personalization of skates. Dmitry makes collages for the deka -
main skateboard.
Skateboarding often helps me to relieve stress and relax. During this class I can focus only on my feelings and thoughts.

Right now, I'm focusing on collage art projects. I always use materials that I happen to see in my everyday life - these are clippings from newspapers, magazines and brochures. I design a skateboard based on my unique collages.
Dmitry Fyodorov
In our SURF-CAMP every child will be the author of his own skate. Dmitry will make collages for children. It will teach kids to choose the right suspension, wheels and bearings. Kids will get a gift decks with their own design! And then the guys are gonna put together the whole skateboard.

In the summer camp we will hold actually and the lessons of collaging. In the evenings, when parents are invited to a tasting, children will be able to immerse themselves in creativity.
To engage in sketching at the amateur level can be from an early age. In my opinion, at five or six years old, the child is ready to stand on the board and learn to feel it. I think that almost every child likes it. Skating gives freedom and activity.Заниматься скетбордингом на любительском уровне можно с раннего возраста. На мой взгляд, в пять-шесть лет ребенок уже готов встать на доску и научиться ее чувствовать. Мне кажется, что это почти каждому ребенку нравится. Катание дает свободу и активность.
Dmitry Fyodorov
First board
Skate for beginners should be as safe and simple as possible. When choosing the first board, take into account the following parameters:

  • Width and length of the deck. Standard size of the board for children - 78-80 cm.
  • Material. Today on sale there are plastic and wooden skateboards. Skate made of wood is much more durable.
  • The top cover of the deck. It should be rough and similar to sandpaper, this will ensure the stability of the foot during skiing.
  • The presence of a curve. Boards with a bend are suitable for experienced skateboarders, children better to buy flat models.
  • Wheels. The tougher the wheel material, the higher the speed develops. Children's skateboard should have soft polyurethane wheels.
  • Pendants. The pendants must be made of durable and light metal alloy
    Usually, a good skate is made from Canadian maple. The quality deck is made of at least 7 layers of wood - due to this it is durable, stable, durable.
    Dmitry Fyodorov
    There are several of them, and each is designed for a specific style of skating:

    • Longboard - elongated board with soft enlarged wheels. Designed for skiing on a flat surface and downhill.
    • Cruiser - a hybrid board for performing various tricks and jumps.
    • Snakeboard is for experienced athletes who do tricks.
    • Freeboard - used for freestyle. The distinctive feature of the model - 6 wheels.
    • Flockboard - 14 wheels and high maneuverability make this model ideal for stunts

    And it's not all kinds! The world of skates is rich and diverse!
    When my kids started asking for skateboards, I ordered boards in one of the online stores. Skates cost between 50 and 60 euros. The boards came, all right, we started skating. And then we all went to the instructor together, and he gave us more expensive skates. And it was such a different ride!

    Based on this experience, it is not worth saving on the skateboard. If there is an opportunity, it is better to order a better quality - these are within 100-120 euros.
    Kseniya Forte
    Founder of the Italia Per Famiglie
    How to Choose Skateboard Size for Child
    Focus on the child's height and age.

    • Children under 5 years of age, up to 100 cm: skate Micro, length 50 - 70 cm, width 15.2 - 17.1 cm.
    • Children 6 - 8 years, height 100 - 140 cm: skate Mini, length 71 - 78 cm, width 17.2 - 18.2 cm.
    • Children 9 - 12 years old, height up to 140 cm: skate Mid-size, length 73 - 80 cm, width 18.5 - 19 cm.
    • Children from 13 years old, height above 150 cm: skate Decks, boatload 78 - 82 cm, width 19.6 - 21 cm
      Important! Dear parents, do not forget that your child in addition to the skate will need a set of protective equipment! Child protection for skateboarding includes: helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, safety shorts. All protection elements must be tried before purchase. The protection must be tightly fixed and do not restrain movement.
      In the camp Italia Per Famiglie will be from 5 to 10 skateboarding lessons. During this time, children will learn to keep balance, feel the board and ride confidently.
      What other adventures await the guys in SURF-CAMP - read in our Blog!
      Kseniya Forte
      Founder of Italia Per Famiglie
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